Fatek OS Update Tool

Fatek OS Update Tool 1.61

Easy to use and portable, most suitable for field maintenance
1.61 (See all)
Fatek Automation Corp.

Easy to use and portable, with program editing, copying, status monitoring and debugging functions, most suitable for field maintenance. Change working mode only by a single keystroke, without having tedious exit process from current working mode. FP-08 Programmer for FBs series PLC can be used to edit PLC mnemonics, high-speed pulse instructions, and link instructions. The programmer also features: monitoring and setup of timer, counter, register and contact; in addition to the program memory pack (FBs-PACK), system setup and information, and user update of OS version on FP-08 etc. Fatek Automation Corporation, was founded in 1992 by a group of PLC R&D engineers.

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